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A unique platform for real estate investors!

As an investor in foreign real estate, you are almost always dependent on third parties. Your return is too often subservient to the interests of the selling party. Investing in real estate (IRE) changes that. IRE is the platform for qualitative and screened international real estate.

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Why investing in real estate []? 

Intrea mediates in real estate and offers security and transparency. Irrespective of where and through whom the investment is ultimately made. This results in a competitive investment with a real return.

Via IRE, you can easily make a deliberate investment in high-quality real estate in prime locations. All you have to do is fill in the extensive drop-down menu. Subsequently, fully screened objects are presented that exactly meet your and our conditions.

Historically low-interest rates, inflation and wealth tax return eat away at a financial position. Investing in international real estate is a good option to turn this around and achieve higher returns at the same time. Real estate is tangible, inflation-resistant and usually gives a high direct return from rental income. Those who have sufficient knowledge, money and time can consider purchasing properties themselves as an investment. You are then responsible for the selection and management of the property. Or do you prefer to leave these tasks to professionals?

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